UK Photographer Transforms Landscapes Using Cardboard Cutouts

Here’s a new perspective on a few of your favourite travel destinations

Creating black paper cutouts of objects and placing them over historical landmarks while taking a photo was Rich McCor’s way of making his photos of London stand out from the rest. Since then, McCor has traveled around the world placing cutouts of objects, whether it be a wristwatch or a Marilyn Monroe, over regular landscapes.

McCor explained to Vice that he practices first before taking the actual photos.

“Let’s say I’m traveling to New York. Before I go I’ll print out as many photos of the city as I can. Then I’ll get a pencil and I’ll doodle ideas on top of the prints. And when I get one that I think works, I’ll make the cutout for it. But I still take my scalpel knife, cutting board and bits of black card in case I get an idea once I’m there.”

McCor’s photos include a cat peeking out from Malta’s recently collapsed Azure Window, an octopus bursting out of The Colosseum, and Leonardo DiCaprio reenacting a scene from The Titanic with Brazil’s “Christ The Redeemer” statue. Check out a few photos below.






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