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Under The Radar Field Trip Artists Worth Checking Out

Arts & Crafts Field Trip hits Fort York this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited! The headliners are mostly well known to our Indie88 fans, but here are a few bands that you might not be familiar with that are worth getting there early for!

Absolutely Free

This is a Toronto band that I’ve caught live many times. They have some synthy, krautrock tendencies and are kicking off the festivities on Sunday at 2 – so get there early!


De La Soul

De La Soul are far from unknown, and are one of the most influential hip hop bands of our time. If you think you “don’t like that rap crap,” they will definitely make you reconsider. This is my number one pick for the entire festival. Don’t miss them at 5 Saturday.


Pins and Needles

This band is another up-and-coming Toronto act that mixes up garage rock and the 50s girl group sound. They’re one to watch for sure. Check them out Saturday at 1:30.



If you’re into 70s-inspired psychedelic rock, be sure to catch Temples. These guys could easily be confused with T-Rex in a police lineup. They’re performing at 3:10 on Sunday.


The Belle Game

I hear a bit of Neko Case in The Belle Game – and that’s a good thing. Make sure you’re there on Saturday at 2:45 to catch their set.

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