Under The Radar Field Trip Artists Worth Checking Out

Some fine Indie talent is taking the Fort York Stage.

Arts & Crafts Field Trip hits Fort York this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited! The headliners are mostly well known to our Indie88 fans, but here are a few bands that you might not be familiar with that are worth getting there early for!

Absolutely Free

This is a Toronto band that I’ve caught live many times. They have some synthy, krautrock tendencies and are kicking off the festivities on Sunday at 2 – so get there early!


De La Soul

De La Soul are far from unknown, and are one of the most influential hip hop bands of our time. If you think you β€œdon’t like that rap crap,” they will definitely make you reconsider. This is my number one pick for the entire festival. Don’t miss them at 5 Saturday.


Pins and Needles

This band is another up-and-coming Toronto act that mixes up garage rock and the 50s girl group sound. They’re one to watch for sure. Check them out Saturday at 1:30.



If you’re into 70s-inspired psychedelic rock, be sure to catch Temples. These guys could easily be confused with T-Rex in a police lineup. They’re performing at 3:10 on Sunday.


The Belle Game

I hear a bit of Neko Case in The Belle Game – and that’s a good thing. Make sure you’re there on Saturday at 2:45 to catch their set.