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Under the Radar Vol. 7

Welcome to Vol. 7 of “Under The Radar“. Every week we get together and discuss what’s exciting. We vote and share the best with you here. This week we have four tracks to share from a great mix of bands, including some local talent. If you like what you hear, check out our Under the Radar channel on JAM by Indie88.

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Tei Shi – “Nevermind The End”

Reverberating synth, shimmering acoustic and bellowing vocals make up this dark electronica track.

If you went to Bestival this summer you might have caught the Argentinian-born artist Tei Shi. Born Valerie Teicher, this now Brooklyn-based artist has been impressing audiences with her “mermaid music” since the release of her debut Saudade in 2013. Incorporating elements of shoegaze, electronica and R & B, Tei Shi delivers a complex, eerie yet masterful sound.

Squarepusher – “Stor Eiglass”

This track is more than drum & bass, it’s a “hallucinatory, visceral nightmare”.

Tom Jenkinson, otherwise known as U.K.-based Squarepusher is a master of experimental drum and bass. Drawing influences that draw across the board from acid jazz to electroacoustic, Squarepusher has pushed the envelope on conventional beat-based electronic music. This track comes off his latest album, Damogen Furies; astoundingly one of the 27 albums that he’s produced over the years. Take a listen, if you can handle it. (quote via Vivid Live).

Strand of Oaks- “Shut In”

This anthemic, Americana-sounding folk-rock song mixes in synths textures, putting a twist on the classic whiskey-soaked tune.

Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks has had his fair share of tragedy throughout the years. Two Christmases ago he slid on a patch of ice in his car, hitting two semi-trucks, breaking every bone on the right side of his body. The healing process subsequently led to his critically acclaimed most recent album HEAL, which has gotten praise from countless major music publications. His struggle is engraved into these songs. It’s raw, it’s powerful and it’s full of passion. Check out Strand of Oaks Collective Arts Black Box Session here.

Ben Stevenson – “Still”

This downtempo combination of trap and R&B is a beautiful mix.

For more than a decade, Toronto native Ben Stevenson spent his time in a punk band, which seems unbelievable after listening to the tracks of his debut solo album, Dirty Laundry. With a very broad spectrum of influences, Stevenson effortlessly navigates through his blend of R&B, soul, electronic and art rock tracks. Take a listen to his floating falsetto, that could make a grown man weep. Fans of D’Angelo, Sam Smith and the Darcys check this out.

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