Underground Toronto Restaurant Started on BUNZ will Trade for Dinner

Stop dining alone

If you’re a foodie on a budget, this new ‘restaurant‘ might be for you.

Two 24-year-old Toronto roommates Nadya Khoja and Sarah Lee, were joking around one night and came up with an innovative idea. They thought about trading their fancy homemade leftovers on BUNZ, a popular once-underground trading network on Facebook (and now an app). Now, Chez Lisgar is booked solid every Friday evening until April with strangers willing to trade some wine, beer and good company for a good home cooked meal.

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Their first #ChezLisgar dinner party was on Feb. 12 and included bourbon maple-braised pulled turkey leg on a ciabatta bun, guacamole-stuffed onion rings and a green salad with homemade lemon balsamic vinaigrette made by Khoja. Khoja is a home cook and even auditioned for Master Chef Canada.

The ladies said the menu will never be the same because they don’t want it to get boring. Some dishes already planned are Mexican lasagna, shrimp herb and feta mac and cheese, and french onion soup stuffed mushrooms – sign us up!

Chez Lisgar is open Fridays. Make reservations online now.

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(Photo courtesy of Michael Stern via Flickr.)