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Underrated Pan Am Events

Panamania is here. Let this be your guide to the little appreciated events of the PanAm Games.


Originally from Europe, but has quickly grown in popularity worldwide, handball was introduced to the Pan Am schedule in 1987. It’s crazy, fast paced, high scoring, physical and the players are extremely skilled.


The Liam Neeson of Pan Am events. Very specific skill set required. The modern pentathlon consists of five events conducted over a single day: fencing, swimming, equestrian, running and shooting. After the first three events (fencing, swimming, equestrian), the athletes’ total scores are converted into a time handicap to determine the starting order for the run/shoot segment. In this final leg, athletes shoot at targets with laser pistols after running several 1,000-metre stretches. The first across the finish line wins.

Washington Post

(Photo by Kilgore via Washinton Post)


Open water, the sun shine, a gentle breeze rustling through the sails of your boat. Sound relaxing? Well it’s not, competitive sailing is one of the more intense events of the Pan Am Games.


(Photo by Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Flickr)

Roller Speed Skating

One of the coolest events to watch in the Winter Olympics is speed skating. Roller speed skating is exactly what it sounds like: speed skating with roller blades. V cool.


(Photo by Epi via Flickr)

Field Hockey

Canada’s national sports are hockey and lacrosse. Field hockey is like their little brother. It’s action packed and one of the more exciting sports you hear almost nothing about.

(Photo by IWB via Institute Without Boundaries)

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