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10 Of The Best Unique Dining Experiences In Toronto

If you’re not drinking cocktails that have been lit on fire or dining like a character in Harry Potter, you should start now! Themed bars/restaurants are taking over the Toronto scene and they will definitely make the list of new places to try with your friends, or on your own (we won’t judge.) It’s time to leave your basic dining experiences behind and try these 10 unique dining locations!


Get transported to Japan at this traditional izakaya-style resto! Kinka Izakaya is highly energetic when it comes to the people and its employees; there’s rarely a sad face in the building. This place offers ultimate relaxation, plenty of laughs and delicious food. Plus, Kinka translates to ‘Happiness’ – who doesn’t want to eat at the happiness bar?!



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Head over to O.Noir to give you a complete different perspective on dining. Sit in total darkness and gain a better knowledge of what it’s like to rely on your other senses — just like the restaurant’s team of waiters/waitresses who consist entirely of the visually-impaired. Worried about not being able to see the menu? Don’t worry, you get to pick what you want before you go in! If you’re feeling daring, they do have surprise options! Mystery dessert anyone?


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Get transported back in time at this fun location! Tilt has every possible old-school game you can think of, including 14 different pinball machines, skee ball, and even a Nintendo 64 lounge! Along with a wide selection of beer and spirits, its menu has everything from poutine to corndogs! One of their meals even comes with a home-made, ice cream sandwich…how can you resist?!


Since 1987, Mysteriously Yours is the world’s largest professional producer of interactive murder mystery entertainment! While being involved in one of their murder mysteries, you can guess “who dunnit” while munching on freshly prepared food and delicious bevvys. If you guess the murderer correctly by then end of the show, you can snag a prize! As if you needed more convincing to go!


Eat from the comfort of your own home…sort of! The Addisons Residence is the ultimate “house-party” experience. You can dine lavishly or eat one of the slices of complementary pizza being handed around. Whether your dancing with friends, competing in a foosball tournament or taking stellar photos for Instagram, you’ll never have a dull moment here!


We bet you’ve never eaten dinner like this! The Sultan’s Tent & Café Moroc is filled with Moroccan-French cuisine and a totally transportive atmosphere. Complete with divans and cushions as well as fabric tents surrounded by candles, you’ll forget that you’re in T.O while you’re here. You can even learn a few moves from the number of belly-dancers surrounding the floor!


It’s always summer at The Shameful Tiki Room! This place offers an extensive drink menu as well as delicious dishes served in fabulous ways! Whether you’re eating out of a tiki head or sipping from their Volcano Bowl, you’ll be running on island time during and after this experience!


Calling all meat-lovers, Copacabana is going to be your new haven! There’s endless amounts of food from crisp salads, cheese boards, and freshly baked bread with dips – and that’s only in one room! When you sit down, servers will come and carve delicious grilled meats by your side. All you have to do is grab, eat, and repeat!


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Get your ping-pong on at SPiN! This place is filled with a menu of delicious eats and complementing beverages to cool you down after an intense tournament. Fully equiped with 12 ping-pong tables, there will always be space for you and your pals! You can even celebrate your win with one of their homemade Pop-Tarts (which is the ultimate score of the night)!



You’ll solemnly swear that you’re up to no good at The Lockhart. This Harry Potter-inspired bar will have you trying dozens of magical goodies and spell-bound elixirs. The bar/restaurant is filled with such a magical atmosphere that you can probably transport to The Three Broomsticks through one of their doors. Feel free to bring your friends, but no Muggles allowed!

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