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Unlikely Enemies: Snoop Dogg and The Toronto Maple Leafs

Never in a million years would we have pinned The Toronto Maple Leafs against Snoop Dogg. The two entities would seem to run in different circles but not anymore.

TSN reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs parent company has filed a trademark complaint with the U.S. Trademark and Patent office. Snoop Dogg, who also legally goes by Calvin Broadus Jr., filed to trademark his new line of marijuana products in November. The line is looking to be called ‘Leafs By Snoop’ and its projected logo can be seen in the video below.

A video posted by Leafs By Snoop (@leafsbysnoop) on

The Toronto Maple Leafs think that this looks too similar to their logo – which in case you’ve forgotten, looks like this.

The same TSN article claims that the likelihood of these claims surmounting to anything is rather small. The argument that the branding of Snoop’s products would significantly affect the identity and brand of The Toronto  Maple Leafs is not a strong one. They talked to Christopher Sprigman, a professor specializing in intellectual property at NYU and he said that it’s “quaint but a tough argument.” He continued saying, “I don’t see a lot of overlap between Colorado pot smokers and Maple Leafs fans.”

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