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Unreleased Kurt Cobain Demo Featured in ‘Montage of Heck’

As if you needed one more reason to watch the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck. Filmmaker Brett Morgen has decided to include an unreleased Cobain track for the film’s theatrical re-release on August 7th. The untitled track comes from a cassette demo, — one of fifty that Morgen sorted through while researching for the film.

They believe the track was recorded sometime in 1991 during the Nevermind sessions, as it was on a cassette where Cobain was working on “Old Age”, a song Courtney love later rewrote and recorded with her band Hole.

The track has been edited into the films soundtrack, while the film itself has been unaffected, — though it’s unclear in what scene the song will be placed in. “I don’t want to get people out there bootlegging it on their cell phones,” said Morgen in an interview with Billboard. Though, according to Billboard the lyrics are mostly drowned out, Cobain sings in falsetto – in Brian Wilson fashion, with “dense slow-shred-slow guitar” we’ve come to know and love from Nirvana.

Make sure you check out the film, and keep your ears open!

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