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Unusually Warm Spring Expected for Canada

While winter seems to be in full effect at the moment, an unusually balmy spring is expected for most of Canada. Whether you’re excited about the prospect of warm weather, or weary of global warming’s impending doom, you can’t deny the spring in your step when the snow starts to melt.

According to Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips, this winter has been mild due to the “super” El Nino. Now that El Nino is beginning to fade, they are still forecasting above-average temperatures for March, April, and May for most of the country, with the exception of Labrador and Northern Quebec.

“We’re showing the conditions for spring as being warmer than normal,” Phillips told CTV. “The personality, temperature-wise, is going to be downright balmy.”

What are you looking forward to this spring? Shout out in the comments.

(Photo by Nick Kenrick via Flickr)

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