Up and Comers

Jane's Party, Dilly Dally and the Dirty Nil

Up and Comers is monthly feature of local, national & international bands you need to know about, this months feature focuses on 3 more “local” bands.

Dilly Dally
Newmarket turned Toronto indie rockers Dilly Dally are starting to get some notice. After playing gigs in clubs all over the city and grinding it out for 1am sets during NXNE, they were recently penned to Royal Mountain Records (Hollerado, Pup). Since then the group has gotten some prime slots, opening for Born Ruffians and the aforementioned Pup, at recent shows here in Toronto. They’re a group on the rise with a full length album to drop this spring, you can get an early preview with a the song “Green” below. Just be careful if you head to one of their shows, there’s a good chance fun will ensue.

Jane’s Party
They went Facebook official as a band on July 17, 2008. Since then Jane’s Party has been making music and playing shows non-stop. Signed to Cameron House Records, they released their sophomore record, Hot Noise, mid last year. They credit their influences to the Beatles, Dr. Dog, the Morning Benders, and of course the Toronto music scene. They’ve embedded themselves into this city, having played both NXNE and CMW a few times now. They haven’t let a few thousand kilometres get in the way of their shows either, crossing the country for national tours to share stages with Matt Mays, Kathleen Edwards and more. Take a listen to a track from their 2013 EP, ‘Til You Got Yours below.

The Dirty Nil
Hailing from Dundas, Ontario – the Dirty Nil or ‘the Nil’ as they often refer to themselves, have been slugging it out in clubs for the better part of 6 years. They’re the kind of band you’d find at the high school party your parents told you not to go to. Though most of their enthusiasm can be heard on their recorded tracks, you don’t truly get an accurate representation of the group until you attend one of their shows. It’s a crowd surfy, beer soaked sing-a-long from start to finish. They’ve just released a new 5 song EP entitled Smite that is available for stream and purchase here. Catch a glimpse of what the trio is like live by checking out the video for “Fuckin’ Up Young” and listen to the new track “Wrestle Yu To Husker Du” below.