Up and Comers

The Wet Secrets, Greys and Tops

Up and Comers is monthly feature of local, national & international bands you need to know about. For this month’s edition, we take a look at three bands from all across Canada that stopped in Toronto for the Wavelength Music Festival this year.


Hailing from Montreal, Tops was formed in 2011 after the synth pop group Silly Kissers broke up. Jane Penny, David Carriere and Thomas Gillies decided they still wanted to work together and thus Tops was born. As they started to create music under the new moniker, Gillies parted ways while Riley Fleck and Madeline Glowicki made their way into the group. With the line up set, in 2012 they released their debut record Tender Opposites. Their songs infect you with the dancing bug the moment the first note is played. Sparkly synths are paired with Penny’s angelic voice; it’s a band we’re very excited to hear new tunes from. Take a listen to a song from their latest record called “She’s So Bad” below. 


The Wet Secrets

Quite possibly the best dressed band on the scene today, Alberta’s own The Wet Secrets started making music back in 2008. They refer to themselves as a five-piece marching rock and roll dance band that sounds like “the kind of music you could expect to hear if The Stranglers piggybacked Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass through the Rose Parade.” Slick bass lines from frontman Lyle Bell combined with their doo-wop-esque vocals from Kim Rackel and Emma Frazier, make their live show incredibly fun. A new album will be out “soonish or laterish”, but for now you can check out (and download for free) the song “Nightlife”.



If you’ve yet to catch our hometown heroes Greys, then you need to change that in a hurry. They’re a very loud 4 piece punk outfit from Toronto and they’ve been slugging it out in venues all over the map for years. One of the best parts about heading to see them live is the workout you get by just being there. Trying to remain standing in the mosh pit madness is reason enough for you to skip the gym that day. They have a new record entitled If Anything set to drop on June 17th. You can take a listen to the opening track “Guy Piccioto” here.