Up and Comers

Mad Ones, Highs, and The Courtneys

Up and Comers is monthly feature of local, national & international bands you need to know about. For this month’s edition we focus on pair of local acts and a trio of ladies tearing up the stage as openers for Tegan and Sara.

Mad Ones
Mad Ones are a two piece noise-rock band straight out of Toronto, Ontario. The duo have been together for a few years now and they’ve been playing non-stop shows through the Toronto scene. If you’re holding a mix drink and head to the stage to watch them, there’s a good chance it will get knocked out of your hand. Andrew cranks his guitar through three different amps to make a very loud performance. They’ve been called “what The Stooges would sound like if they were a two piece”. Give them a listen below.


Highs are an alt-pop band that has been gaining a lot more notice lately here in Toronto. Currently on a six date mini-tour opening up for Vancouver’s Hey Ocean!, Highs are sure to collect more fans along the way. The group formed in 2012 originally as a three piece and released a few bedroom demos. Their rough cuts got the band enough cred to play festivals like CMW and NXNE, but their sound really came together after recruiting two more members. Check out a song from their “monstrously upbeat” debut EP below.


The Courtneys
The Courtneys are a laid back trio from the west coast that want you to relive the 90s. They describe their sound as “sun drenched flying nun influenced pop with sweet licks that’ll stick with you for days.” The poppy, slack rock feel definitely has a punk backbone to it, combining thick bass with thumping snare kick combos. You just missed your chance to catch them in Toronto, but with the warm welcome they received, it’s a sure bet that they’ll be back soon. Take a listen to “90210” from their self-titled release, below.