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Upbeat tracks to put you in the spring mood

The sun is shining, the temperature is climbing, and what better way to get into the spring mood than through some upbeat tunes?

Everyone needs a stacked spring playlist to get them out of those winter blues, and there are tons of indie artists with rad, energetic tracks that are sure to brighten your day. From Hey Rosetta! to Sigrid to Vampire Weekend, these tunes will definitely get you beaming, even on a rainy April day.

Check out some upbeat tracks to get you ready for Spring below.

Hey Rosetta! – “Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)”

Nothing screams spring like Hey Rosetta! Their dynamic, lively melodies are packed with raspy, powerhouse vocals and lyrics about nature that are sure to make you smile. The intimate, empowering track really builds to an all-encompassing instrumental as frontman Tim Baker sings poetic lines like, “Under the pitch and the pull of the moon/ Sweet, silver medicines swim in my temples and/ Bring in the shadows to cover our wounds/ When the pain is gone and the rest is coming on.”

Sigrid – “High Five”

If you’re looking for a feel-good track to dance to, this is it! Sigrid’s “High Five” is an endearingly upbeat bop, with a killer, consuming chorus that will go right through your veins. Sigrid’s rapidly fluctuating vocals reach notes you wouldn’t expect, delivering a surprisingly catchy melody atop a simple instrumental line and straightforward, clicky drum beat. Although the hook-heavy tune feels quite lively, the lyrics are much more serious, exploring what kind of honesty makes for a healthy friendship.

Vampire Weekend – “Harmony Hall”

“Harmony Hall” was produced by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig alongside Ariel Reichstad and former band member Rostam Batmanglij, and it’s an upbeat, bouncy sun-filled track led by a catchy loop of acoustic guitar riffs. The looping strings build, eventually creating a feel-good instrumental that will put a smile on your face as frontman Ezra Koenig croons creative, elaborate lyrics.

MARINA – “Orange Trees”

Marina, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, recently dropped a summery new single called “Orange Trees,” and what better way to celebrate spring than by looking forward to summer? This danceable track is sure to be a song of the summer, with a catchy drum beat that you can’t help but sway to. Marina’s really dropped an upbeat jam with this one, and although it’s got her distinctive, throaty vocals, shes made a move toward pop with a layered instrumental track made for listening to on the beach.

Rex Orange County – “Best Friend”

Rex Orange County’s “Best Friend” will definitely be YOUR best friend this spring, with its slowly building melody that will eventually get you bopping along to the bouncy tune. The smooth, silky intro to the track grows, adding in a slow, steady drum beat until the tune explodes into a groovy loop of 20-year-old Alexander O’Connor’s quirky, imperfect vocals singing, “You’re gonna wanna be my best friend baby/ You’re gonna wanna be my best friend.”

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Always Like This”

The smooth, silky bass line and catchy, rickity drum beat makes Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Always Like This” a spring staple. If you listen to this track on a sunny spring day, you’ll definitely find yourself bopping along to the energetic, lively, and upbeat track. Also, since they’ve announced they’re recording their first album in five years, we might be able to expect some new spring tunes from the indie band soon.

Léon – “Surround Me”

Léon’s 2017 track, “Surround Me,” is one of her catchiest tunes yet, building into a lively, feel-good chorus that will make you want to hug somebody close to you. Although this is one of the slowest tracks on this list, it still has a lively feel, with a sweet, wholesome chorus as Lotta Lindgren sings, “Don’t overthink it/ Just finish up your drink and surround me.” This tune will make you feel revitalized with some spring-themed love, so put on “Surround Me” and enjoy the warm(ish) weather.

Matt Corby – “No Ordinary Life”

Matt Corby’s “No Ordinary Life” is a majestic power tune that comes full of soul, making for an almost psychedelic, yet intimate journey. The track is packed with groovy vibes and lush layers, as sprawling strings take the forefront. Corby’s gritty, crooning vocals will make you want to be outside in the sun, as he sings lyrics like, “If you look up you can see it in the sky/ Heavenly colours that paralyze the laws inside your mind/ From a million years gone by/ No ordinary life.”

Maggie Rogers – “Burning”

Maggie Rogers’ Heard It In A Past Life track, “Burning,” is an empowering, lively track with a danceable beat and flashes of warm instrumental tones. The high-spirited pop anthem is sure to brighten your day as you groove along to this catchy, energetic, and uplifting song. Combining scurrying percussion, wide ranging vocal lines, and a clicky beat, “Burning” is a song that will permeate throughout your spring playlists.

Arcade Fire – “Here Comes The Night Time”

Arcade Fire’s “Here Comes The Night Time” slowly builds into a sparkling, bubbly bop with zealous, fiery instrumentals and a catchy, hooky keys riff that just aches for warmer weather. With powerfully repetitive lyrics, gritty and distorted vocals, and a robust, yet lagging beat, this is another track that’s sure to put you in a happy spring mood.

Born Ruffians – “Hummingbird”

These Ontario-based indie rockers know how to make a hit, and “Hummingbird” is no exception. The track takes off right away, with a rapid, leaping scale until frontman Luke Lalonde’s voice explodes onto the raucous, clicky tune. This brisk, effervescent track is packed with an unrivaled energy as every second comes packed with raucous riffs, brooding bass lines, and rapid drum beats.

Charlotte Cardin – “California”

If you’re looking for a song for long roadtrips this season, Charlotte Cardin’s “California” is the track for you. Cardin’s distinctive throaty vocals fight for the lead against the track’s catchy drum-based beat, sparse keys, and bouncy, ambient synths. “California” is the perfect song to make you bask in the sun, with its consuming instrumentals that you can’t help but dance along to.

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