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UPS Is Testing Cargo Bikes for Toronto Deliveries

With the success of services like Uber Eats and Foodora, bike delivery services have become a popular topic of discussion in Toronto. UPS is the latest company looking into it, and it could mean a big change in Toronto streets.

The shipping company announced the pilot project on Monday, accompanied by a press conference outside city hall, where Mayor John Tory advocated for the positive impact this project could have on the city. One of the main upsides to having cargo delivered by bike is that it would significantly reduce congestion on Toronto roads.

“It’s time we take a look at something like this,” Tory said during the press conference. “It’s being done in Frankfurt, in Vienna, in Hamburg, in Rome. And it has made a difference in those cities; they know that.”

The bike weighs over 200kg when empty, and can hold up to 408kg including the driver. It can hold up to 50 packages, and is equipped with several safety features making it appropriate for road use. This includes headlights and tail lights, turn signals and hazard lights all powered by a solar panel on the roof. The bike will be too big to operate in the cities bike lanes, so you’ll be seeing the vehicles zipping along city streets just like any other car.

In the future, UPS hopes to have the bikes working with the help of an electric engine, which would improve the efficiency of cargo bike delivery.

The city already announced earlier in the year that they would be improving bike parking at several key attractions around the city. The UPS pilot project will hopefully be another step towards better bike infrastructure in the city. UPS Canada president Christopher Atz also says that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will improve overall air quality throughout the city.

Feature image provided via Wikimedia.

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