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The Upside Down House In Orlando Is Just One Of Many Around The World

The Wonderworks Upside Down House In Orlando Is An Architectural Oddity

Have you ever seen an upside down house?

I didn’t realize that there was such a thing. Apparently it’s a popular tourist attraction in different cities all over the world. The creators of the upside down house at various locations all have a different take on the project. Some of them are architectural wonders, and others are mind-blowingly specific.

upside down house
Image: @broadwayatthebeach on Instagram

One of the most famous upside down houses is WonderWorks, a museum and learning centre located in a bunch of different cities in the US. Each location features an upside down building created to look like it crashed into the Earth like that.

In fact, if you visit the WonderWorks website, they tell the tall tale of how their research labs in the Bermuda Triangle were carried away by a tornado, landing at different sites in the country.

The upside down houses are “edu-tainment” for local families, featuring more than 100 hands-on exhibits to challenge minds and spark imaginations.

…But It’s Not The Only One

The concept of WonderWorks has been utilized around the globe from Austria to Wisconsin and a lot of places in between.

Each creator has a different take on the implementation. Some make it look like the building has crashed into the Earth, and yet another looks like a perfectly upturned stock suburban house.

Let’s check out our favourite from around the world.

Haus steht Kopf, Tirol, Austria

upside down house
Image: @hausstehtkop on Instagram

To further build up the facade that the house has fallen from the sky, they tilted the Haus steht Kopf in Austria at a 6 degree angle. That’s just one of the meticulous details that creators built into this disorienting project.

The house opened as an attraction in the Austrian village of Tirol in 2012. Since then, people have enjoyed the incredible features of the house. For example, all the furniture is stuck to the ceiling, and there’s a VW Beetle in the garage that almost looks like it could fall on your head.

Upside Down House, Niagara Falls

upside down house
Image: @the_wk_diaries on Instagram

This picture-perfect upside down house in Niagara Falls is 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms. All the rooms are fully upside-down, with the furniture and other accents mounted on the ceiling. When building, they angled the floor quite a bit, giving it that jilted, upside down house feel.

Two Polish immigrants who came to Niagara Falls in 2004 built the house. It’s open to the public, and you’re promised to feel both dizzy and disoriented as you make your way through this popular destination.

The Upside-Down White House – Wisconsin

upside down house
Image: @clever_photographer on Instagram

The neat thing about the upside down white house is that they play it off as a “top secret” operation. It’s a great place to take some pictures with the family, and walk through a creative take on The White House.

This oddball attraction is really neat with all the creative governmental additions, and also at times disorienting. Maybe it’s the top-secret talk of aliens in Wisconsin Dells?

Die Welt Steht Kopf in Trassenheide – Germany

upside down house
Image: @melissa_montgomery on Instagram

This incredible attraction for the whole family is an unusual building and the first upside down house in Germany! As you can imagine, the details will give you a whole new perspective. The founders, a German duo, advertise that they own the most photographed single-family house in Germany. They’ve received plenty of media coverage, and the experience is well worth the trip.

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