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Vampire Weekend Performed ‘A-Punk’ Three Times In A Row At Lollapalooza

Everyone knows twice is nice, but thrice is…nicer?

Vampire Weekend fans got maybe too much of a good thing at their show over the weekend. On Friday, the band reportedly opened their headlining at set Lollapalooza with three consecutive performances of “A-Punk” in a row — lasting a whole nine minutes.

During their performance, the band also tested out new material from their highly-anticipated next album. According to their track list, Vampire Weekend debuted a couple new tracks, titled “New Dorp, New York”, “Worship You” and “Ya Hey”.

During “New Dorp, New York”, bassist Chris Baio ripped a Seinfeld intro themed solo — an hommage to their social media presence as of late.
For the past few months, Vampire Weekend have been on a bit of a Seinfeld kick, handing over their Instagram account to the legendary meme-maker Seinfeld 2000.

According to one fan on Reddit, during the encore and set, singer Ezra Koenig plugged his iPod into the house speakers to play recordings of new music. He sat down on a speaker as the band left the stage, and pressed play on five new songs to gauge the audience’s reaction. The band then closed out the set with “Walcott” and “Mansard Roof”.

The band are closing in on releasing their new album, and even signed a new record contract with Sony last week, leaving behind their previous label XL Recordings. There’s no official word, but the last update in May from Koenig was that the albums is “94.5% done.

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