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Vampire Weekend share 120 minute long ‘Harmony Hall’ guitar loop to promote release of two new singles

Vampire Weekend is known for their quirky pre-album release tactics, and they’ve already revealed the initials FOTB to tease the title of their highly anticipated forthcoming double album. This Thursday, they’re set to release two tracks off of the record called “Harmony Hall” and “2021.”

As a teaser for the upcoming tracks, the wacky indie band have released a two hour long loop of a guitar riff off of “Harmony Hall” on YouTube alongside a graphic that shares lyrics from the new songs. The colour-changing image reads “The Sacred Tree Of The Sephiroth,” “We took a vow in summertime,” and “2021.”

Take a listen to “120 Minutes of Harmony Hall Guitars” below.

The release of “Harmony Hall” and “2021” will be followed up by two more two-track drops in the coming months, leading up to an album release in April or May.

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