Indie88 Album Premiere: Van Damsel Debut Self Titled LP

Stream it in full here

It’s been three years since Van Damsel first enticed audiences with their EP, The Sunshine, Girl, back in 2013. The group is now back with their debut self-titled full length.

The Kamloops-based quartet blends luscious synths, melodic indie-rock harmonies, groove-heavy bass and insightful, introspective lyrics cohesively through the eleven tracks of Van Damsel.

The band’s broad pallet led them to shift gears on this genre-spanning record. Van Damsel, arranged by Matthew “Renny” Rennehan, Matthew Barron, Rich Bregoliss, and Sebastien Ste Marie, was once a group of metalheads thrashing to metalcore. On the new album, they trade in the heavy metal equipment for synthesizers, and draw new influences from hip hop, R&B and indie artists alike.

We’ve got the first listen to their upcoming self-titled LP right here:

Right off the bat, this album has hints of French indie-synth pioneers Pheonix, and psychedelic electronic group MGMT in both “Domino” and “The Best Of Everything”. You may find the irresistible pop hooks in the most recent single, “Sophia“, recalls L.A.-based Capital Cities. Not bad for a couple of boys from Kamloops, BC.

Vocalist Ste Marie shared his insights on the new release:

This album is a cohesive compilation of our collective varied musical inspirations: it’s pop, indie, EDM, rock, and hip hop all mixed into one. We spent nearly 3 years creating this album with the recording process taking place from September 2014 to September 2015 with our producer Ryan Worsley in Vancouver. After an intensive songwriting and recording process which saw many of the songs go through multiple rewrites, we created something that we feel is truly and uniquely representative of where we are currently as artists and music lovers—it’s the reason why we decided to call the album “Van Damsel”.

Van Damsel is out now via MIH Entertainment Group, grab it here. Be sure to catch Van Damsel May 5th at The Dance Cave and May 6th at the Rivoli as part of CMW.



Tour Dates
04.28.16 – Saskatoon, SK – Capitol Music Hall
04.29.16 – Winnipeg, MB – West End Cultural Centre
05.04.16 – Sudbury, ON – Asylum
05.05.16 – Toronto, ON – CMW @ Dance Cave
05.06.16 – Toronto, ON – CMW @ Rivoli
05.07.16 – Montreal, QC – L’Hemisphere Gauche
05.12.16 – Quebec City, QC – Dagobert
05.13.16 – Moncton, NB – Tide & Boar
05.14.16 – Halifax, NS – The Old Triangle
05.19.16 – Ottawa, ON – Zaphods
05.20.16 – Sault Ste Marie, ON – LopLops
05.28.16 – Vancouver, BC – Media Club