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Vance Joy shares how encores can be very, very awkward.

It’s usually assumed at the end of a headlining band’s set that they’ll go off for a few minutes, then come back and play an encore. Everybody acts surprised, like their sustained applause actually worked to convince the band to play a couple more songs. It’s a strange ritual that we all buy into for reasons nobody can really explain.

Matt Hart chatted with Vance Joy about the awkwardness that can arise around encores, especially when you’re a new band whose already just played literally all of their songs.


Matt Hart is most known for his musical work under the name The Russian Futurists. The Russian Futurists gained popularity with the 2000 album “The Method of Modern Love” which boasted celebrity fans such as R.E.M., Blur and the late Heath Ledger. Recently, Matt has shifted focus to broadcasting with host duties at CBC Radio and now at Indie88.

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