Vancouver-Based Shop Selling $1200 “Handcrafted Artisanal Firewood”

Does the "artisanal" fad have no bounds?

The good folks over at CBC showcased one Vancouver based wood-worker’s company “Smoke & Flame” as a part of their Maker Series on This is That. Handcrafted “Artisanal Firewood” is treated by rubbing, soaking and spraying different forms of wood to give it complex aromas when burned.

Jesse Horn is the man behind “North America’s only premium handcrafted firewood manufacturer”. Being raised with wood burning stoves, fire pits and the “old ways”, Horn says he “wanted to bring craftmanship back to firewood production.”

“Nowadays when people think of firewood they think of it being ‘hog-tied’ in plastic and sold for $5.99 at gas stations,” he explains. “To me this is wrong and it completely disrespects the wood.”

Horn’s wood ranges in price from $500 for a coupe of twigs or $1200 for a couple of logs, a price he says customers are “happy” to pay for.

It would be funnier if this weren’t actually so believable, since “Smoke & Flame” doesn’t actually exist. CBC’s Maker series is a satirical comedy series, similar to the Onion. So as real as this video looks, sorry to say you wont be able to order any ginger-rubbed firewood any time soon. Don’t let that stop you from trying yourself though.

Check out the video in the player above.