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Vegan Cheese Renamed ‘Gary’ After Cheese Lover’s Facebook Rant Goes Viral

Vegan cheese is now going by the name of ‘Gary’, because it’s not cheese, obviously.

After an angry cheese-eatin’ Facebook troll went off at a Sainsbury’s grocery store for calling their vegan cheese, well – “vegan cheese”, they have rebranded. Last week, the UK supermarket received an angry Facebook post from a very butter bitter dairy lover who discovered their new line of coconut based dairy-free cheese.

Within hours, the vegan community stepped in to defend their dear friend Gary, posting hilarious memes to accompany the new, It’s not Vegan Cheese, it’s Gary Facebook page.

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The supermarket even stepped up and revamped their vegan-friendly product to better suit it’s dairy free brand.

Daiya, a dairy alternative food company made popular for it’s vegan cheese Gary even got in on the fun.

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What do you think about the whole vegan cheese Gary fiasco?

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