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Looking For Amazing Vegan Restaurants In Toronto? [Top 6]

Toronto Has Several Options For Health And Animal-Conscious Individuals

The vegan restaurants Toronto has to offer are amazing, delicious, and many. With numerous options, the city offers diverse and delectable plant-based cuisine. For example, the options range from trendy cafes serving innovative dishes to cozy diners offering classic comfort food without animal products.

These restaurants prioritize sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients, providing a wide range of flavours and cultural influences. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply looking to further explore plant-based dining, Toronto’s vibrant scene ensures there’s something delicious for everyone.

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Toronto

1) Hello 123

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Image: @hello123forever on Instagram

Hello 123 is a popular vegan restaurant in Toronto, known for its innovative and health-conscious plant-based cuisine. It offers a diverse menu with creative dishes, flavourful drinks, and a cozy atmosphere. Because of their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, Hello 123 has become a go-to destination. It’s popular with both vegans and those seeking delicious, conscious dining experiences in the city.

2) Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

vegan restaurants toronto
Image: @vegan.eats.toronto on Instagram

Buddha Vegan Restaurant, located in Toronto, is a pioneer in Asian Vegan cuisine. Dedicated to offering delicious, healthy, and plant-based dishes, they believe in the connection between a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Their extensive menu further features a variety of appetizers, soups, and vegetable dishes with unique flavours. With over 20 years of dependable service, Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant remains a beloved choice for ethical and tasty dining experiences.

3) Odd Burger

vegan restaurants toronto
Image: @oddburgerfastfood on Instagram

Founded in 2014 by James McInnes, Odd Burger started as a grassroots vegan project delivering local organic produce. In 2016, they gained further fame for their Famous Burger at a London Ribfest. This success led to a food truck and, in 2017, Canada’s first vegan fast-food restaurant.

A world-first 24-hour vegan drive-thru followed. In 2018, they established a food production and research centre. Odd Burger’s mission is to transform fast food with delicious, sustainable, vegan choices. They do, however, keep a strong emphasis on flavour and experience as well!

4) Caked Coffee

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Image: @cakedcoffeetoronto on Instagram

Caked Coffee in Toronto is a family-owned bakery and coffee shop, specializing in 100% vegan desserts and hot drinks. Founded by Raman Gill and Supreet Arora, the bakery’s mission is to provide vegan treats made from scratch using the finest ingredients. However, their offerings are further free from refined sugar and artificial additives.

They also offer gluten-free options and cater to various events. Located near High Park, they offer a welcoming patio and a bright interior.

5) Good Rebel – Vegan Provisions

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Image: @goodrebelvegan on Instagram

Good Rebel is a vegan grocery store in Toronto offering a wide range of plant-based products. They sell vegan cheese, meat alternatives, dairy-free options, snacks, candies, and beverages.

Good Rebel is known for its variety of products, including new arrivals and seasonal items like vegan Halloween candy. Yay! They further have an online store with Canada-wide shipping and offer in-store shopping and pickup. The store is committed to supporting animal welfare and ethical practices in their business. We love that.

6) Fat Choi

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Image: @fatchoito on Instagram

Fat Choi is a plant-based Asian/South East Asian restaurant located at 94 Ossington Ave in Toronto. They offer a diverse menu inspired by Malaysian and Nyonya (Chinese/Malay) flavours.

While Fat Choi’s menu is entirely plant-based, the hosting restaurant Soos however is not exclusively vegan. The goal is to provide an inclusive dining experience for all. They offer dine-in and takeout services, and reservations can be made online. Follow them on Instagram for updates and delicious plant-based dishes.

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