Watch Eddie Brock and Venom Find Common Ground In New Trailer

Venom comes out October 5.

Sony teased a new trailer for Venom at the San Diego Comic Con last week, and that trailer has now been released worldwide. The trailer shows Tom Hardy as the main character Eddie Brock, struggling as the symbiotic parasite called Venom attempts to take over, forcing Brock to grapple between good and evil. The visuals in the movie are highly detailed, with the CGI standing out the most.

But all over the internet everyone has been asking: where is Spider-Man?

This movie exists in Sony’s Universe, so it will be completely separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Rueben Fleischer confirmed at Comic Con that this film would be villains only, meaning Spider-Man (Tom Holland or any other portrayal) won’t be around. However, there are still rumours that the friendly web-slinger will be in a deleted scene or an after-credits cameo.

Online, critical fans have been saying that Spider-Man is essential to Venom’s origin story.

Others have really enjoyed the trailer, saying that this movie’s impressive visuals have them excited to line up and see it in October.

Check out the trailer below: