Someone’s Been Spreading Good Cheer Around Victoria Park Station

Positive Vibes for the Holidays

Earlier this weekend, a photo of signs put up around Victoria Park Station surfaced on Reddit.

With quotes like “You Belong Here” and “You Are Welcome Here,” these posters portray strong themes of belonging and acceptance. Though the original creator of these signs remains anonymous, these friendly posters are sure to spread some positive vibes around Vic Park.

Take a peek at the message below.

The sign reads:

Hey everyone,
Whatever color you are,
you belong here

Whatever religion,
you belong here

You belong in this country, this city, in this neighbourhood. No matter what some people say, no matter how they try to scare you or rally others against you.

Diversity is a fundamental principle of this country. There are good people ready to fight for you.

And we will not lie down for Nazis

Image via Imgur