Video Captures Mice Snacking on Goods in Queen Street Sweet Shop

Toronto resident shares 'disgusting' video

The owner of Meli Baklava and Chocolate on Queen Street West says she’s going to increase efforts to deter rodents from inflitrating her store after video surfaced of mice snacking on display sweets over the weekend.

“We cover everything, those are strictly for display, we would never serve anything that’s not fresh,” Julie Kyriakaki, the bakery’s owner told CTV.

“There’s the racks there that they come under and through, and unfortunately or fortunately, this is a shared space and we can’t block it,” Kyriakaki added.

“It was disgusting because when I looked more I saw some mouse feces around the trays,” said Mohammad Valipour, who used his mobile phone to capture the footage.

So, who’s grossed out?