VIDEO PREMIERE: Hollerado – “Firefly”

Find out what "Firefly" is really about

Hollerado has always found a way to keep themselves busy but this year they exceeded expectations. When the band released their second LP White Paint a few years back, they promised 111 fans who purchased a special album bundle that they would receive personalized songs. So, after months in the studio, Hollerado has finished what they started.

Raina talked to Menno about the project and how it BROKE iTunes – listen here.

“Firefly”, the first single from the 111 Songs project, has just been paired with some nostalgic visuals. Here’s what singer Menno Versteeg had to say about the song and video:

The song is about when my wife and I had our apartment burn down last year and how a whole bunch of new lessons and positive experiences came out of what could have been a really dark time. When it came time to make the video we wanted to show the process of transformation and finding the beauty in a bad situation.

It was the idea of the directing team, Dave’s Video Mart, for us to salvage a bunch of artifacts that had survived the fire and try and turn the junk into something beautiful. We expanded on that idea by finding items that were a big part of our lives but were ready to become something new. In the video you can see a whole bunch of things that we were able to salvage from the fire….some records, old polaroids, a Pup stencil, a pair of Vans. I also found a digital photograph of one of the most precious things that I lost in the fire; a signed photo of Bad-era Micheal Jackson that i got when i was a kid that said “To Menno, From Micheal Jackson.” I’m not going to find another one of those on Ebay. We used the digital picture to re-create another hard copy and used that in the video also.

This year our trusty tour van (Spageddy Lee), finally did its last tour, so we also wanted to include pieces of the van in the video. There are also a bunch of objects that we found in / rescued from the van before it went to the scrapyard. (crayons, a weird horse toy, some old distortion pedals a Truman Capote book etc.)

So the directors took all of this stuff and then he used paint and collage and fire and chemicals and film to transform the objects into something new and beautiful. No CGI here. Just a group of mad scientists/ex-video store clerks/buddies, holed up in a warehouse in Montreal for 2 weeks doing whatever experiments they could think of, on artifacts from our lives. And that’s the story behind this video.

Watch the video for “Firefly” below: