Video: The Belle Game “River”

The Belle Game's new video tells a surreal Japanese tale

Vancouver dark-pop band, The Belle Game, just unveiled their cinematic new video for “River” off Rituatl Tradition Habit. The short film is set in Japan and tells an evocative tale of a Japanese rent-boy that chooses to escape his lifestyle after a violent night out.

Director Kheaven Lewandowski makes a statement about the video:

The idea with the ‘River’ video from the very beginning, was that it had to reflect the tone and themes of the song while visually being able to stand up with it and serve as a companion piece. I thought it would be interesting to explore the ideas of the song through a character and subculture we’d never seen before. One thing led to the next, and a Japanese rent-boy odyssey story was conceived, and felt right.

Watch “River” below:

The Belle Game will be playing at the Drake tomorrow night with Bear Mountain.