Video: The Wooden Sky Traveling Adventure Show (PART 4)

Part 4 features The Wooden Sky performing two songs on the Travelling Adventure Show

summerworks_logo_koThe Travelling Adventure Show was a collaboration between The Wooden Sky and The SummerWorks Performance Festival. Directed by Jennifer Brewin with Michael Rubenfeld, the performance was one of the flagship events in the Summerworks Music Series collaboration series between Musicians and Theatre Artists.

Part 4 shows Gavin and Edwin play “Angelina” on the CAMH grounds before leading the audience to meet the rest of the band on the back loading dock of Real Food for Real Kids for a performance of “Take Me Out.”

An original Indie88 production, this is Part 4 in a five part video series made to document and convey the magic of the experience. Stay tuned for Part 5 next week.

Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1