Vinyl Archives: Week of May 13th

Featuring A-HA, Ramones, Kate Bush, and more!

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A-HA – “Take On Me”

Weezer recently covered A-HA’s hit 80’s pop banger, “Take On Me,” and even released an accompanying video that featured up-and-coming rockers Calpurnia. The original video for this killer tune was groundbreaking, with a delicate balance of real-life video and stop-motion animation.

Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus”

What better way to ring in the long weekend than with Depeche Mode’s 1990 hit, “Personal Jesus?” This laid-back, yet rowdy tune is a must-have on all your weekend playlists.

Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life”

This Iggy Pop staple was an explosive tune in the late 70’s. The post-punk tune is filled with a catchy guitar line, a bop-worthy drum beat, and gritty, raucous vocals from Iggy himself.

Kate Bush – “Running Up That Hill”

This track will never get old. Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” was a frontrunner in the 80’s new wave movement, and it’s still making its own waves on the scene, constantly earning it’s way onto female empowerment playlists left, right, and center.

Ramones – “I Wanna Be Sedated”

Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated” remains as one of the American punk rock band’s best known songs. This track was truly a punk kid’s anthem at the time.