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Vinyl Archives: Week of September 1st

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R.E.M. – “Orange Crush”

R.E.M. have announced a deluxe 25th reissue of their 1994 album Monster. The band also shared a new remixed version of the hit “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” The reissue will arrive as a massive six-disc package on November 1. The album will feature a new mix from original producer Scott Litt, which promises to feature frontman Michael Stipe’s vocals more prominently.

Iggy Pop – “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”

Rock legend Iggy Pop has made his return with his eighteenth studio album, Free. “This is an album in which other artists speak for me, but I lend my voice,” Iggy Pop explains in a statement. “By the end of the tours following Post Pop Depression, I felt sure that I had rid myself of the problem of chronic insecurity that had dogged my life and career for too long. But I also felt drained. And I felt like I wanted to put on shades, turn my back, and walk away. I wanted to be free.”

David Bowie – “The Jean Genie”

A new David Bowie box set will collect his early demos in addition to a Space Oddity 2019 mix. The early years of Bowie’s career will be the focus of the forthcoming five-disc Conversation Piece, and it will feature his 1968 and 1969 works. The collection will drop on November 15th, and is set to feature 12 previously unreleased Bowie recordings and higher quality versions of early Bowie tracks.

Gary Numan – “Cars”

Tubeway Army, which was Gary Numan’s band before he branched off as a solo artist, is set to release early recordings from around their debut album, Replicas. Additionally, Numan will be releasing early recordings from his legendary Pleasure Principle record. These new releases will come in the form of Replicas: The First Recordings and The Pleasure Principle – The First Recordings.

Lou Reed – “Walk On The Wild Side””

It has just been announced that “Lulu,” Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed, is set to be included in the first comprehensive volume of Reed’s lyrics, I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Collected Lyrics. The volume is set for release on November 7th, but “Lulu” truly divided fans around the world, as it combined The Velvet Underground frontman’s spoken word poetry with Metallica’s aggressive instrumental lines.

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