This New Vinyl Swap Box In Toronto Is A Great Idea

Artist Matt Durant Installed Outside His Studio In Leslieville

You’ve participated in, or at the very least heard of a tiny free book swap library – but have you seen or submerged yourself in a vinyl swap library?! If the answer is no, now is the time all you vinyl heads can allow yourself to say yes.

Just this week, artist Matt Durant installed his creation exactly where he made it, outside his Leslieville studio at 1401 Queen Street East.

The box gets its first late night donor. #TheCure #PaulSimon #TearsForFears

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For those who adore vinyl, the box works as a tiny library. People are free to take, leave or swap any kind of record they want!

People were so inspired by the artists idea, they even left cassette tapes to share their own music! The instagram account @vinylswapbox reported that the box is open and all formats are welcome.

Not only has Matt Durant created an admirable installation, he has created a creative phenomenon for all of the community to participate in. Leaving the city of Toronto wishing the artist a great big thank you!