You Could Soon View Your Next Apartment Using Virtual Reality

All you need is your smartphone and a cardboard headset

We all know that the Toronto rental market can be ruthless, but this Winnipeg based company wants to make our lives a little bit easier. Gryd uses virtual reality technology that requires nothing but your smartphone and a cardboard headset, which makes this an extremely accessible possibility for the near future.

The headsets used for Gryd’s technology will sell between $10 and $15, and all of the apartments you view are spatially accurate, so you get a good idea of what the place feels like in real life. Founder Jordan Billinkoff hopes that in the future, every property on the market will have a virtual reality tour to go along with it.

This kind of technology will cut back on a lot of painful hours spent going to see rental units that you might not even like. Right now, Gryd is only available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but within the next two years, Toronto renters could be able to view multiple apartments without ever having to leave their home.

Feature image courtesy of Gryd via Facebook.