Virtual Reality Gigs Are Coming

Live music lovers beware

Virtual Reality has changed the online music experience from watching a 360 Muse or Gorillaz video to being on the brink of having fans be completely immersed in a live concert through a VR headset.

Over the summer, people were able to experience the World Cup through BBC’s VR app, and you could watch the game in real time and see fans cheering below.

In the coming months, a similar concept is being implemented to live stream concerts around the world to fans directly using an app called Melody VR. The app will stream concerts that take place at venues like The O2, Alexandra Palace, and the NEC in the UK.

Fans will be able to watch a gig from the crowed or watch side stage in real time for only 10-15 per cent of the original ticket price. You’ll even get to be onstage with the band.

Melody VR also hopes to allow fans to get closer to the artist through VR meet and greets, or through listening to the album in a real or imaginary location.

There are even rumours circulating that a lot of record companies are working on archive footage to recreate concerts by artists like The Beatles, Queen, and Nirvana with VR.

Photo via pixabay