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Visiting Las Grutas De Tolantongo & The Healing Waters Of Sierra De Hidalgo

Come To Las Grutas De Tolantongo For The Waters…

This breathtaking natural experience just outside of Mexico City will give you Instagram pics for days, and so much more. Las Grutas De Tolantongo is one of the most incredible natural landscapes in all of Mexico… and that’s saying a lot!

The river waters, as you can see from all of these exquisite photos, are an alarming tone of crystal blue.

They also reach a temperature of 90 degrees F. If that’s not dreamy enough, the sacred waters of Las Grutas De Tolantongo flow through the rocks, forming a series of micro-waterfalls. Because of this, the falls create natural pools, which are known for having miraculous regenerative and healing properties.

… & Stay For The Natural Wonders

grutas de tolantongo 
Image: @anivzqz on Instagram

In addition to the incredible waters of Las Grutas Tolantongo, there are also so many other incredible views and experiences to check out. The Tolantongo Caves are a natural wonder tucked away in the stunning mountains of the Sierra de Hidalgo, just outside of Mexico City.

You’ll find this original set of natural caves and springs in an incredible canyon. The entrance is even hidden beneath the falls, making it even more romantic and magical. Speaking of magical, have you seen these Mystic Hot Springs in Utah??

There’s so much to discover in Las Grutas Tolantongo – the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites are just waiting for you to explore.

Where Is Las Grutas Tolantongo?

grutas de tolantongo 
Image: @marco_sannez on Instagram

This unbelievable hot springs and resort is a perfect day trip from Mexico City. It’s located about four hours north of the city, and you can get there by car, bus, and on a tour.

It’s one of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations you’ll find in Mexico, according to the reviews. You’ll learn a ton about Mexican history if you go with a guide.

What Makes The Water So Special?

grutas de tolantongo 
Image: @derrscott on Instagram

Swimming the caves with the warm water, and dipping into and marvelling at the waterfalls will reset your mind and leave you with a new sense of peace.

This “turquoise water playground” contains one of the only rivers in the entire world with warm water. The pools themselves offer a sweeping view of natural landscapes, including mountains and lush greenery.

In addition to being absolutely stunning, the waters are also filled with warm, naturally mineral infused water. The minerals are said to have healing properties, and can be great for conditions of the skin, minimizing stress, and even spiritual cleansing.

Exploring The Mind-Boggling Caves & Grottoes

Image: @jaquelinesandres on Instagram

Las Grutas translates to the grottos, which in Spanish also means caves. The hot springs and underwater thermal pools make for such a relaxing and luxurious experience.

There is a large grotto to check out and spend ample time in. For the most part, Tolantongo includes four distinct natural areas:

  1. the tunnel
  2. the cave
  3. the river
  4. the pools

You can even get a bird’s-eye view on the whole place through the zip-line and suspension bridge.

While the pools are by far the most featured photographs online, the river is also absolutely breathtaking. You can sit under these beautiful falls and get a hydro-massage with your eyes closed, and further regenerate and restore your mind and body.

When To Visit And Where To Stay

grutas de tolantongo 
Image: @vlado1190 on Instagram

The two main options for accommodations when you visit Las Grutas Tolantongo are hotel and camping.

There are some beautiful as well as mid-range hotel offerings, and you can check out some of those here. Personally, I think the camping looks absolutely amazing. There are lost of places you can pitch a tent. If you’d like more details on that, check out this link.

The best time to go to this gorgeous destination is during the week. As you can imagine, it gets super busy during the weekend. Spring is a great time to go, as it’s not too hot, but keep in mind Tolantongo is open all year round.

Pro tip: Make sure you avoid Semana Santa, which is Holy Week. This year (2022) Holy Week starts on April 10 and runs until April 16. It’s one of the busiest times of the entire year, and will make for a much more crowded experience.

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