Vocalist of The Strumbellas Raises Former Students’ Spirits

Simon Ward used to be a supply teacher for the TDSB

It’s not uncommon for musicians to start off at other jobs before their musical career blows up. In this case the lead singer of The Strumbellas, Simon Ward, used to be a supply teacher for the Toronto District School Board.

According to The Toronto Star, a student at Bowmore Road Public School said he was familiar with The Strumbellas song “Spirits” from when his teacher turns on Indie88 in class.

One day, teacher Jeffrey Munroe asked his grade seven students if they knew who the singer of this popular song was. Staring at a picture of The Strumbellas’ bearded vocalist, the kids had no clue until Munroe pointed out that Ward was an old supply teacher of theirs.

The students recalled that Ward taught them how to throw a football and that he was a pretty nice teacher.

Munroe helped his small, special education class, send Ward a video asking important questions about his goals, obstacles, and inspiration.

He responded to the students with enthusiasm and flattery telling The Toronto Star:

I was flattered they were asking me for advice — actually, that anyone would ask my advice, and I recognized some of the students on the video! I have a special place in my heart for Bowmore because they kept booking me back when I was a supply teacher.

Watch the heartwarming reunion video below.


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