Volunteer Toronto Orchestra Shutting Down After Body-Shaming Emails

Local organization dissolves after inappropriate emails about body image were circulated

A volunteer orchestra in Toronto known as Sheraton Cadwell is shutting down after volunteers became outraged over an email that circulated from management. The email was signed off by management and indicated that front line singers need to be “fit and slim.”

“We have processed a number of video compilations this summer featuring our vocal stylists,” the introduction reads. “And it has been brought to our attention that although almost all of our vocalists are fit & slim — the way our boutique orchestras would like our front line performing artists to be […] — two of our featured singers were not … and we hope that they would, as such, refrain from using tight-fitting dresses and use loose (less physically-revealing, less physically-accentuating) dresses instead.

The email continues to say “If you look good, we do, too.”

When describing future shows, the email goes on to explain that “only singers who are physically fit & slim (or, at the very least, those who know how to dress strategically/suitably in order to not bring attention to their temporary physical/dietary indulgences)” will be showcased.

I am absolutely disgusted with this email that was sent to me and the other vocalists who sing with this particular…

Posted by Sydney Dunitz on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The emails were posted on Facebook by Sydney Dunitz, a vocalist who has been volunteering with the organization for five years.

“It came as a shock. It rather drew the blood from my face the first time I read it,” Dunitz told the CBC.

On Thursday, the management of Sheraton Codwell sent an email to its volunteers explaining that they have resigned and that the orchestra will be dissolved.