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Vote Dammit! The 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election Coles Notes

We head to the polls on October 27th to vote for Toronto’s new mayor. If you’re still undecided about who to vote for, we’ve put together the 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election Coles Notes for you. This is your city so remember to get out there and VOTE DAMMIT!

Find your polling station here.

Here are your 2014 mayoral candidates:

Olivia Chow – “Real Progress Now.” | Website

Work History: Former Member of Parliament – Trinity Spadina.

Transit/Traffic: Big fan of LRTs. She will move forward with the 7 stop LRT extension into Scarborough. On the subway side of things, she supports the downtown relief line. As for drivers, Chow would like to reduce lane closures by making construction companies pay fees based on the length of work. Basically, the longer the road closure, the more companies pay.

Trees: Chow will plant 100,000 trees a year.

Music: She will create a music office.

Cycling: If elected, Chow promises to construct 200 kilometers of separated bike lanes.

Doug Ford – “Putting taxpayers first. Just the beginning.” | Website

Work History: Toronto City Councillor & part owner Deco Labels and Tags.

Transit/Traffic: Subways all the way. Against any road tolls or transit taxes. Ford will invest in technology to fight traffic congestion.

Music: At the Artsvote debate, Ford talked a lot about music business incubators and bringing a festival like Lollapalooza here.

Land Transfer Tax: Hells no! Doug Ford plans to phase out the Land Transfer Tax over a number of years.

John Tory – “TOgether we can make a difference.” | Website

Work History: CEO & President of Rogers Communications and Commissioner of the CFL​.

Transit/Traffic: He loves light rail and will support subways in Scarborough. When it comes to car congestion, Tory wants to install smart traffic lights and add some bus lanes on city roads to speed things up.

Music: Tory wants to create a music office to expand the current outdoor festival line up and attract music fans.

Trees: He plans to add 3.8 million trees over 10 years.

Land Transfer Tax: Tory will keep it.

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