Vote for Tragically Hip Lyric on Commemorative Stone in Kingston

Cast your ballot for which song lyric will be etched forever in celebratory stone marker

The City of Kingston Ontario announced they will be commemorating the Tragically Hip’s final performance with a memorial stone in Springer Market Square, the site where 25,000 fans stood together to take in the historic event that attracted 11.7 million viewers on screens across the country.

Engraved in the stone will be the words “The Tragically Hip, A National Celebration, August 20, 2016”, in addition to one of two lyrics chosen by the band.

The choices are: “Everybody was in it from miles around“, from “Blow At High Dough”, or “We danced the sidewalk clean” from “New Orleans Is Sinking”.

Head here to have your say on which lyric you think should be used on the memorial. The voting closes on October 12.