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Warming Stations Are On Their Way To King Street

In case you missed it, the City of Toronto announced just over a week ago that in a few months they will start to build nineteen “vibrant, animated public spaces” not only for public enjoyement but local business promotion. These spaces will be placed on various curb lanes where car traffic is restricted for the King Street Pilot between Bathurst and Jarvis.

With this announcement came the #EveryoneIsKing Design Build Competition, a contest where your attractive design (or designs) can be chosen for one of the public spaces for the King Street Pilot. Don’t worry about wondering if you are eligible, anyone can enter! If you win, that’s total bragging rights for life!

Although these spots will not be opening until the Spring, there are some exciting additions to keep it lively during the winter. Mayor John Tory and Ward 37 Councillor Michael Thompson announced that warming stations, ice sculptures, fire performers, and art installations will be placed around King Street. There will also be a program to promote local, quick and full-service restaurants around the King Street Pilot called “Eats on King,” which will run from Feb. 19 to March 29.

With these initiatives, the city is hoping to bring some lively energy back into King Street. The warming stations will play a major factor in bringing people in far and wide to see this well known location – unfreezing your hands by a fire-pit while munching on some ‘Eats on King’ snacks sounds good to me!

#EveryoneisKing contest opens Tuesday and all other information can be found on the City of Toronto website.

(Photo by ILLIA CHEREDNYCHENKO via Unsplash)

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