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Warp Trio want to get out and dance in video for ‘Welcome to the Pandemic Disco (feat. Likwuid & Mirah)’

NYC’s Warp Trio have shared a video for their new single “Welcome To The Pandemic Disco (feat. Likwuid & Mirah).” The track comes from their forthcoming album Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy, out August 20th.

The futuristic tune comes packed with a deep groove and stunning instrumentals. It opens with Likwuid delivering some captivating lines. Mirah sings the dreamy hook, which accompanies the verses perfectly. Lyrically, the track captures the subtext of the current reality while looking at the digital self. The video for the track sees the band ready to just get out and dance in a campy disco fantasy.

“After writing some instrumental material, we pitched Likwuid and Mirah the lyrics ‘Is this a Fantasy? Is this reality?’, to use as the springboard for lyrical content,” Warp Trio explain. “Being the lyrical rock stars that they are, they came up with lyrics that pack hard hitting, rhapsodic truth-telling into the contexts of a radio-length pop song.”

Watch the video for “Welcome To The Pandemic Disco” below.

Mirah explains:

“While writing and singing these words I was thinking about the work, the effort, of fighting for justice, the purifying nature of entering into this struggle, the focus and commitment required, and also that love is at the root of what drives us to do it.”

Warp Trio recorded the album in the Fall of 2020. Since there was no possibility of a tour, the band decided to really lean into that. Thus, they created an album that not only captured the times, but they also purposely threw in some instrumentals that they couldn’t possibly take on the road.

Pre-order Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy here.

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