Was Steven Avery Set Up by Serial Killer Edward Wayne Edwards?

Former FBI cold-case expert says he knows the true identity of Theresa Halbach's murderer

According to former FBI agent John Cameron, Steven Avery wasn’t only set-up by Wisconsin law enforcement. Cameron says he sees very eery similarities between a case in the past where now-deceased serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards killed a young woman and planted her remains in a nearby man’s garage. In an interview with radaronline.com, Cameron states plainly that Steven Avery is “completely innocent”.

He had done exactly the same thing in California in 1955 when he kidnapped and murdered a doctor’s 14-year-old daughter called Stephanie Bryan. He hid her body for three months and then planted the girl’s property in a man named Burton Abbott’s basement and in his garage…Abbott was convicted on circumstantial evidence but always protested that he was framed. He was executed at San Quentin minutes before a stay of execution was delivered“.

In another bizarre development Cameron suggests that Edwards actually makes an appearance in the series, showing up on camera standing behind now disgraced prosecuting attorney Ken Kratz. “It looks like Edwards to me,” said Cameron, who also stated that the serial killer would show up at court hearings and funerals during high-profile murder cases. “He got off on that.”


Hopefully time will reveal the truth in this intriguing case that has captured the hearts and minds of millions.

image source: globalnews.ca