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Watch: 2 Chainz Talks Ambition to Raina on .Wav Files

2 Chainz is more than just a rapper, he’s a dreamer, a giver, and a motivator. No amount of fame or success will ever change that. When Indie88 host Raina Douris interviews the College Park, Georgia Rapper for Red Bull’s .Wav Files, she gains a lesson in true determination.

Even though his 2013 album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time continues to do well on the charts years after it’s release, the rapper is moving forward with a new collaborative album with Lil Wayne, which he says is “coming sooner than later.”

Raina talks 2 Chainz through his life at home with his kids, hoverboards, his ambitions, and even his dream vacation (which is actually just the recording studio). When asked what his most eye-opening moment was, 2 Chainz recalls playing at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday and charity party.

He also confirms his political ambitions for his hometown, confident he’d win the vote for mayor. “See where I come from helps my chances, because it shows my trajectory, it shows my growth. It shows the direction I’m going as far as being a positive person, and be giving back in the community and the things I do there,” he says.

“You have to be born with ambition” 2 Chainz talks on his positive outlook, “You can’t make somebody have it.”

Watch the entire interview here via .Wav Files:

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