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Watch: 5 of Nardwuar’s Most Legendary Interviews

If you’re a Canadian music fan, chances are you’re well familiar with the legendary television and radio personality Nardwuar the Human Serviette. He has a style all his own, and despite being a comedic and eccentric character, he probably knows more about music than anybody else in the interview game. In fact he often leaves his guests speechless from the depth of his knowledge and his unparalleled ability to research his subjects. Sadly, Nardwuar suffered a stroke last weekend and is currently recovering in hospital. The outpouring of support online stands testament to how loved and respected the man is.

As we all wish for a speedy recovery, let’s take a look at some of Nardwuar’s best and most memorable interviews.

N.E.R.D (2008)

This one is a great example of Nardwuar’s ability to impress an artist by his exceptional research ability. Pharrell is left speechless after Nardwuar presents him with a vinyl copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos soundtrack.

Snoop Dogg (2010)

Nardwuar interviewed Snoop many times through his career, and it was always clear that Snoop had quickly become a true fan and friend of Nardwuar.


Not every artist appreciated his style though, and this experience with Blur left Narwuar with a pair of broken glasses. Despite the band’s bullying, Nardwuar never breaks character. Blur’s drummer David Rowntree actually apologized for this eight years after the fact, blaming his behaviour on cocaine.

Nirvana (1994)

A very strange backstage moment with Nirvana from way back in ’94. Again Nardwuar impresses the band with his research, leaving Courtney Love exclaiming “Isn’t it weird that he knows that? How do you know that?!”

Odd Future (2011)

Skip to 1:50 for another great “how did you know that!?” moment.

Mikhail Gorbachev (1993)

Nardwuar attempts to interview Gorbachev. Yes this actually happened.

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