Watch: A 24-Hour Live Feed of Spinning Donair Meat is a Thing That Exists

Popular Halifax shop sets up donair cam

Finally, east coasters can keep a close eye on one of their provincial delicacies from afar. Halifax pizza and donair shop King of Donair, along with Nova Scotia Webcams, set up a 24-hour live stream of donair meat rotating on a spit. No one asked for this, but lemme tell ya… we’re happy it exists.

You can almost hear it sizzling when you’re lucky enough to see an employee shaving off some chunks for a donair. Check it out below and tell us you’re not fascinated.

For the unitiated, a proper donair is served on a pita with the spicy mystery meat beef, sweet donair sauce, white onions, and tomatoes. You can find an authentic east coast donair at The Thirsty Duck at Queen and Carlaw in Toronto.