Watch: A 69-year-old Mississauga convenience store owner fought off a robber with bananas

First the corn riots, now this

69-year-old convenience store owner Seungae Kim fought off a robber with a bunch of bananas this weekend.

Kim, who owns A & J Convenience in Cooksville with her husband, was eating a banana behind the counter at about 9 pm on February 2nd, when a man walked in with his face covered, attempting to rob the store. She told him that he wasn’t getting any money from them, and he tried to throw himself over the counter to get to the till. That’s when the lively mother of one reached for the first thing she could find. “I had to do something so I reached for whatever was there,” Kim said, according to “I hit him hard with the bananas and he ran away.”

Watch the video of the successful banana attack below.