Watch: A drunk fan storms stage and wreaks havoc at Foo Fighters show

'His ass is so fired. I don't know who he works for'

After Dave Grohl chugged a beer and fell offstage last week, footage has emerged of a seasoned fan storming the stage and wreaking havoc at the show.

While they performed a private concert at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, an intoxicated fan came on stage and introduced himself as “Jay from Bombay.” He then proceeded to chug champagne, break out some dance moves, and rips on some rad air guitar. After he joined Grohl for a cover of Faces’ “Stay With Me,” Jay even got the crowd to scream his name and climbed up on Taylor Hawkins’ drum riser.

Watch crowd footage of the incident below.

“His ass is so fired,” Grohl tells the crowd in the clip. “I don’t know who he works for.”