Watch: A full length trailer for ‘Joker’ starring Joaquin Phoenix has finally arrived

'Joker' hits theatres on October 4

Warner Bros. has finally released the full trailer for Joker.

The first teaser focused on the maniacal faces of Joker and his descent into madness and villainy, while the full trailer lays out the plot of the film. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man who struggles to find his way in Gotham’s fractured society. Fleck feels trapped in a society that ignores him and it leads his mind into dark places. Caught in an endless cycle of existence between apathy and cruelty, Fleck makes one bad decision that brings a chain of reactions of escalating events that leads him to embrace the identity of the Joker.

Watch the trailer for Joker, below.

Joker will make its North American debut next week at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will be released in theaters on October 4th.