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Watch: A gaggle of marks put on their own wrestling show at Union Station

As WWE is set to close the book on four straight nights of wrestling in Toronto, a pack of fans engaged in their own impromptu free-for-all at Union Station last night following the conclusion of Monday Night Raw at Scotiabank Arena.

The wrestling promotion held its annual SummerSlam event, as well as NXT TakeOver, Monday Night Raw, and tonight’s Smackdown in Toronto beginning Saturday night. You’ll have to excuse the marks in your life, as it all proved to be just too much for a group of men at Union Station.

Watch below as a man impersonating The Rock shows up sporting the Brahma Bull logo and a pair of championship belts to deliver a few bumps. Stick around for the RKO out of nowhere to bust up a dreaded Boston crab.

Four days of grappling is a lot to take in. Good job keeping it clean, fellas.

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