Watch: a heartwarming trailer for Netflix’s new dog-umentary is here

Attention dog lovers: Netflix is releasing a 6-part documentary series about four-legged friends

Dog lovers, this one’s for you. Netflix is going to be releasing a six part dog-umentary series that revolves around the inseparable bond people create with their canine pals.

The show will be called Dogs, and will feature stories from all over the world about the bond between animals and humans. The dogs that will be showcased will be from many different countries including Syria, the US, Italy, Costa Rica, and Japan.

Branding the series as “six stories of unconditional love,” Netflix hopes to show that the love someone feels for their dog can be a sort of universal truth. As each episode follows a dog and their person’s journey, we get to see the benefit dogs bring to peoples’ lives across the globe.

Some of the stories will feature a young girl who relies on her service dog Rory, a dog named Zeus in war-torn Syria, California show dogs, and tails tales of dog adoption and rehabilitation.

This adorable series is set to hit the streaming service on November 16th, so curl up with your furry friend and check out the trailer below.