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Watch: a new first look trailer for ‘Batwoman’ was released today

The CW has released a first look clip and trailer for the highly anticipated Batwoman series, which will feature the first openly lesbian live-action superhero, Kate Kane (aka Batwoman), played by actress and model Ruby Rose.

In the trailer, Batman is MIA and his cousin Kate Kane has to take matters into her own hands. With new villains terrorizing Gotham, Kate Kane’s love interest is kidnapped forcing her to enter the Batcave and alter Batman’s suit to create Batwoman. With some badass fight scenes, clever use of a frying pan and some creepy animal masks, the trailer promises some awesome female-focused action. “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work,” Rose states in the trailer as citizens mistake her for Batman.

Watch the female empowering action-packed trailer below!

The series is expected to air on The CW on Sunday nights this fall.

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